Cave Tour

This 75 acre county park features a rugged Niagara Dolomite bluff and the scenic West Twin River. It was established in 1963. But more unique is the 1984 discovery, and subsequent development by cavers, of MARIBEL NEW HOPE CAVE. Out of 400 caves in Wisconsin, only five are show caves currently being shown to the public. This electrically lighted cave is one of them. It is open the third Sunday of every month from May through October. The hours are from 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. The fully guided, underground walking tours are led by Wisconsin Speleological Society volunteers. The cave features stalactites, flowstone, a nine-foot-high rock pillar, and winding passageways formed thousands of years ago by a flowing underground stream. Donations are appreciated. Visit us online for more information.